08 August 2011

Civility is in the eye of the beholder

civility: civilized conduct; especially: courtesy, politeness

There's been quite a bit of discussion on the internet about Rebecca Watson's talk at the CFI Student Leadership Conference, and her "calling out" of Stef McGraw, who was in the audience at the conference. Apparently, there are many in the community who see nothing wrong with what Watson did, since she was "civil" while doing so.

I've been somewhat puzzled by this, but Mrs. A.S. has been particularly pained by this apparent lack of empathy - even more so now that the video has been posted. So she put together this little exercise and asked me to post it here.

31 July 2011

Transcript of the Rebecca Watson talk at the CFI Leadership Conference 2011

The Center for Inquiry has posted the video recording of Rebecca Watson's talk from the CFI Leadership Conference on 26 Jun 2011.  If you have been following the "Elevatorgate" hubbub, you'll remember that this is the talk in which RW "called out" Stef McGraw.

After the jump, I've included a transcript of the introductory part of the talk (the first 17 and a half minutes or so).  Warning: the transcript includes words that may be offensive to some people, and are definitely NSFW.

21 May 2011

Rebecca Watson Engages in Demagoguery, Embarrasses Skeptics Everywhere

Lawrence Krauss is a prominent physicist and skeptic who was raked over the coals by Rebecca Watson in April for standing up for what turned out to be a perfectly reasonable and rational opinion of the media circus that had developed around the Jeffrey Epstein affair.  Krauss, who was initially quoted on the Daily Beast website, had remarked that despite the exaggerated claims being made in the press and by lawyers representing alleged victims, he had not seen any empirical evidence to support those claims.